Ikopop is a new and fresh net gallery containing artworks from a wide range of contemporary artists.

Ikopop’s ambition is to set new standards to internet-based contemporary art promotion, as well as to redefine the relationship between audience and the artist  and create a dynamic art and design community, dedicated to sharing new ideas and creative styles.

The site's visitor can easily look through artworks spanning from digital illustration to hand-made paintings, photographic artworks, collages and so on. Artworks are printed on paper, canvas or wallpaper using cutting-edge printing techniques and delivered on spot in just a few days, ready for placing.

Ikopop is addressed not only to contemporary art and illustration enthusiasts, but also to decorators, hotels, architectural offices and corporations.

Being far more than an internet-based art gallery, Ikopop aims to organising exhibitions, shows, events and artistic projects.

Art for Hotels