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IkoPop’s ambition is to set new standards to internet-based art promotion, addresing not only to individual art enthousiasts, but also specialises to hotels, offices, organizations and companies that are interested in purchasing large numbers of artworks on demand and on budget. We have a wealth of experience working with commercial clients, architects and interior designers, delivering art projects on time and on budget.

Ikopop specialises in supplying printed artworks (in canvas, streched canvas and wallpaper), but, also, in creating tailor-made murals, installations and art objects.

Whatever the project size or available budget, our free consultancy service will be there to help you find quality framed art prints for your business, in order to create a motivating and productive environment for your hotel, organization, business or working space.

Art makes places memorable. We create innovative, bespoke art concepts for hotels, commercial spaces and residential clients. Our art consultants develop art packages that enrich a project’s design with elements of local history, culture and brand identity.

Ikopop provides full custom artwork services. Our designers can match artwork to your color schemes and décor to creating a continuous flow of aesthetics.

Our products and services for hotel projects include:

  - Original paintings and photography
  - Bespoke sculptures and 3D wall art
  - Framing and installation services
  - Commissioning art from over 200 artists
  - Limited edition and fine art print

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For more information please contact our art team at: (+30) 2810 390976

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